History Edit

The Earth is one of smallest planets in the Milky Way Galaxy and is classified as 4th class Power by Milky Way Alliance.

They joined Milky Way Alliance only 20 years ago or so. Before Ke Lake got 9th place at the Milky Way Meet, they didn't even have a single space ship.

When Han attended the Milky Way Meet, winning at 1st Place, he obtained an Aircraft Carrier Class Ship.

Goverment Edit

Even though Earth Federation has a president and parliament they aren't highest authority and they don't even have much power.

Because earth was always filled with weak politicians which are secondary or even lower. The highest authority is and always will be the military. The highest among the military is the Big Five.

  1. Han Lang
  2. Ke Lake
  3. Long Chuan
  4. Li Yu
  5. Tailin

Location Edit

Earth is located at more outskirts of Milky Way at 57th Star System.

After joining Project Butterfly entire population of Earth migrated to the Twin Horse Galaxy.

Population Edit

Earth Federation has over 15 billion people plus lot of alien races.Because Earth joined Milky Way very very late on Earth isn't any discrimination against Aliens or Robots.

They have over 150,000 espers plus those from Red Dragon Tribe and other Alien races.

Affiliations Edit

They are member of Milky Way Alliance but only at outside.In reality Earth Federation is breaking one law of Milky Way Alliance after another.

Military Edit

Current Military of Earth Federation could be considered pretty strong.

Highest Commanders of army are General Han Lang and General Long Chuan.

They have 10 Esper Legions plus many espers from Alien Races which went to live in Earth Federation.

Their B-Rank Extinction Relic is in fact giant shipyard capable of producing Small Sized Flagships.

They have two Warlords General Han Lang and General Ke Lake.

The amount of 6 Star Quasi-Warlords and 5 Star espers are unknown.